Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sap2000 v16 download free

Sap2000 v16.0.0 full download

SAP2000 V16 Enhancements

  • Improved graphics performance
  • Display of multiple grid systems at the same time
  • New steel frame design code AISC 360-10
  • New steel frame design code NTC 2008
  • New concrete frame design code ACI 318-11
  • New concrete frame design code NTC 2008
  • New concrete frame design code NZS 3101-06
  • New concrete frame design code RCDF 2004
  • New concrete frame design code Hong Kong CP 2013
  • Enhanced beam-column capacity check for concrete frame design using Eurocode 2-2004
  • Stiffness modifiers from the AISC 360 steel frame design direct analysis method are now available in the database table for assigned frame property modifiers
  • New wind, seismic, and response-spectrum lateral loads for code IBC 2012
  • New wind lateral loads for code AS/NZS 1170.2-2011
  • New wind, seismic, and response-spectrum lateral loads for code NTC 2008
  • New wind, seismic, and response-spectrum lateral loads for codes TSC 2007 and TS 498-97
  • New response-spectrum lateral loads code AASHTO 2012
  • New assignment to control area loads transferred to frames
  • New hybrid U-girder frame section property
  • New built-in ASTM bridge steel materials
  • Chinese concrete material and design updated to use characteristic strength rather than grade
  • New link property for modeling triple-pendulum bearings
  • External tendons can now be modeled under user control
  • Plotting of tendon loads, losses, and axial-force response has been enhanced
  • Ground displacement loading now applies to single-joint links, including distributed spring supports, as well as to springs and restraints
  • Multiple mass sources can be defined for modeling alternative dynamic behavior
  • The undeformed shape can now be viewed for various stages of staged construction load case without running the analysis
  • Response output for staged-construction load cases now is labeled with the stage and step within the stage
  • Shear stress, von Mises stress, and principal stress response is now available for certain frame sections
  • Shell stresses can now be displayed normalized by material strength
  • Bearing pressure on shells from area springs can now be displayed
  • Display of frame-design D/C ratios can be limited by a specified threshold value
  • Verification suites are now provided for steel and concrete frame design by most codes
  • New Open API functions to define section-cuts
  • New Open API functions to define external load cases for frame results
  • New Open API functions to get detailed steel frame design results for certain codes
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for menu commands
  • Support for the import and export of files using the IFC 4 format
  • Licensing will now support web-activation and virtual servers
  • Simplified installation using the CSI Installation Wizard
  • Other minor enhancements
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sap2000 v15 download


Newer Features
The following list identifies changes made to the program since the prior release:
More responsive graphical user interface, especially for the use of database tables
Real-time analysis for smaller models
Quick and easy generation of final printed reports
Predefined reports, or fully user-customized reports 
Cover sheet
Formatted tables of model definition, analysis and design results
Graphical displays ....


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Monday, August 8, 2011

sap2000 download

sap2000 full version

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